(urth) Slow Children at Play

Matthew Groves matthewalangroves at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 21:08:40 PDT 2007

Thanks to John for the thoughtful post on Slow Children at Play.
Maybe you could post some of this interpretation on the WolfeWiki.

I think I may have the answer to one of your questions, or rather, you
have the answer yourself.  There are two possibilities as to why Gene
covers the name G. T. Griffith (who is a real author).  The more
probable answer is that "Griffith" reminds Gene of "griffin," and, as
we learn in "The Arimaspian Legacy," he has dreams of griffins chasing
after David.  The less probable answer (though one does not exclude
the other) is that "Griffith" is David's real last name.  (In "The
Arimaspian Legacy," we learn that although "David" is the narrator's
friend's name, "Arimaspian" is not.)

The quote at the end is about angels.  The source, De Mundo, is
probably some theological manuscript that Wolfe would know.

But the story is definitely (but not only) a horror story.  Reminds me
of Poe a little.

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