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Wed Nov 7 01:01:34 PST 2007

At 05:59 07/11/2007, you wrote:
>The WolfeWiki is a damn ambitious project, but has a terribly long 
>way to go before it's anything of an authoritative resource; even 
>the pages for most of the major works are incomplete.  Of course, 
>the vague authority of a wiki will inevitably be strained further 
>still by attempting to document something as elusive as the works of GW.
>Do you, or does anyone else here, know who's running it, exactly?

I'm hosting and administering it, but most of the contribution so far 
has been by Dan'l, Matt and Stone Ox (all of this list).

It certainly is very incomplete -- the bibliography, external links 
etc have come along pretty well, but the only works treated in any 
great analytical detail so far are Peace and the IoDDaOSaOS 
collection. But I think that what we have there for those is 
terrifically interesting, and provides a good model for the rest that 
will follow.

If anyone would like to come along and contribute capsule summaries 
of the missing works, you'd be very welcome on the wiki!



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