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mark mullis markmullis at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 21:59:10 PST 2007

If you search the archive on urth.net, you'll find that there have been
> quite a few discussions of individual stories, most started by someone
> asking "What the hell was that all about?" I'd recommend looking there
> first, but obviously feel free to put in your own thoughts. It might also be
> worth checking the WolfeWiki at http://www.holkar.net/pmwiki/
> -Matt
The WolfeWiki is a damn ambitious project, but has a terribly long way to go
before it's anything of an authoritative resource; even the pages for most
of the major works are incomplete.  Of course, the vague authority of a wiki
will inevitably be strained further still by attempting to document
something as elusive as the works of GW.

Do you, or does anyone else here, know who's running it, exactly?

mark mullis
markmullis at gmail.com
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