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Mon May 7 22:27:55 PDT 2007

I am personally amazed that Wolfe has not been offered a professorship
somewhere or another. Delany and John Crowley have, after all.


> Hello to the list!
> I recently finished teaching a course on
> medieval/Renaissance “fantasy,” but I’m revising it
> now to alternate old texts with new. I was considering
> teaching either Castleview or the Wizard Knight. I
> suggested both to a couple of “fanboy/girl” students
> who hadn’t read any Wolfe, and they went over quite
> well. We had some great discussions on Castleview
> contra Malory and Able contra just about everything
> during office hours.
> But I was wondering if anyone has ever taught Wolfe
> before. Specifically, I was hoping for any tips on how
> to deal with the all but inevitable confusion that
> people being coerced into reading him might face. I’m
> not sure if it would even work (simply for length with
> TWK, at the very least), but both options just seem to
> me like wonderful modern takes on old romance
> themes/styles (apart from the glee of getting new
> people to read Wolfe).
> I would certainly appreciate any thoughts.
> -Craig
> (I used to contribute a few years ago
I lost the time
> but kept up with the, wonderful-as-always,
> archives
hopefully this summer will offer a chance to
> reread ALL of the Sun books, since it’s been too long.)
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