(urth) Teaching Wolfe?

Craig Brewer cnbrewer at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 22:02:35 PDT 2007

Hello to the list!

I recently finished teaching a course on
medieval/Renaissance “fantasy,” but I’m revising it
now to alternate old texts with new. I was considering
teaching either Castleview or the Wizard Knight. I
suggested both to a couple of “fanboy/girl” students
who hadn’t read any Wolfe, and they went over quite
well. We had some great discussions on Castleview
contra Malory and Able contra just about everything
during office hours.

But I was wondering if anyone has ever taught Wolfe
before. Specifically, I was hoping for any tips on how
to deal with the all but inevitable confusion that
people being coerced into reading him might face. I’m
not sure if it would even work (simply for length with
TWK, at the very least), but both options just seem to
me like wonderful modern takes on old romance
themes/styles (apart from the glee of getting new
people to read Wolfe).

I would certainly appreciate any thoughts.


(I used to contribute a few years ago
I lost the time
but kept up with the, wonderful-as-always,
hopefully this summer will offer a chance to
reread ALL of the Sun books, since it’s been too long.)

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