(urth) Auk's fate?

Fred lucidprevention at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 14:09:35 PDT 2007

 I'm new to all of this, and I've been searching these archives for a while
now. I've not been able to find much discussion on Auk, especially in the
short sun books. In RTTW, Horn/Silk says, "I struck Jahlee with my fists,
and when she fell I kicked her like Auk. A day may come when I can forgive
myself of that."

 Why did he kick Auk (or did he mean he kicked her like Auk might have or
something?)? One of the most frustrating things about these books was
waiting to hear about Auk, and then when he's mentioned, he gets only a
passing mention in an earlier chapter with Hide and his village. What
happened with Auk?

 Thank you very much.
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