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Tue Jun 26 22:34:21 PDT 2007

I may crash and burn with this, but be darned if I'm
not going to try to fly.

First. You don't cook a salad. You prepare it. And if
you're a cook rather than a chef, you don't specialise
in salads. And the money won't be that great. 

This is from the Word Detective (google that and

 {Our everyday "prepare food" verb "to cook" first
appeared in the 14th century and is derived from the
much older noun form, which comes from the Latin
"coquus," which also gave us "concoct." As might be
expected from an activity so central to human life,
"to cook" has spawned a variety of slang and
colloquial senses over the years, including "to ruin"
and,      alternatively, "to do very well" (as in "to
cook with gas"). "To cook"      meaning "to falsify,
tamper with, present in a secretly altered form" is
actually one of the oldest slang senses of the verb,
dating all the way back to at least the early 17th
century, and is directly drawn from the "prepare
carefully" sense of "cook."}

Okay, so what is salad? Well a salad, in addition to
being a food, can also simply mean a "variety of
things". BUT. . . another word for salad is sallet,
which is also a helmet with eyeslits from the middle

So, I think that Julianne's dad is some sort of
biomechanical engineer that specializes in sallets:
brain pans and such. And Julianne is literally made
from strips of meat. Either a clone or a Jonas type
hybrid. But she's as artificial as Roberta.


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