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JWillard aldenweer at charter.net
Thu Jun 14 22:27:25 PDT 2007

Stuart Hamm wrote:

> Hey Evryone,I have a question for you all...
> I have a couple of good friends I want to turn on to GW, what is a 
> good strting point? Don't want to scare them off to soon...
> I'm thinking "Strang Travelers" or "The ISland..." ,or should I just 
> give them Shadow and Claw and be done with it???
> Stuart
> */Tim Walters <walters at doubtfulpalace.com>/* wrote:
>     > Buck's dreams in CotW are easily explained. Jack London was a
>     believer
>     > in racial memory (and a lot of other tosh as well). He wrote a whole
>     > novel in which the protagonist (an imprisoned radical) escapes into
>     > dreams/visions/astral projections of the past, including a
>     session in
>     > prehistoric times, which corresponds nicely to Buck's dream. It was
>     > called "Star Rover."
>     _Before Adam_ uses the same trope, IIRC.
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'Seven American Nights' is what hooked me.  It's a perfect short-form 
introduction to Wolfe:  the seemingly simple, imaginative, engaging 
narrative ... and then all those nagging questions afterward.  (And 
still they nag.)  And if someone's going to hate Wolfe it's better that 
they suffer thirty pages than a couple of hundred or more.  IMHO  The 
second Island story might be good for similar reasons...

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