(urth) Book of the New Sun Audiobooks?

Steve Taylor steve.taylor at majitek.com
Thu Jun 14 17:13:21 PDT 2007

As to the origin of the audiobooks, a wild guess:

A friend showed me a CD he'd bought from somewhere or other of readings 
of H.P. Lovecraft which were entirely computer generated - text fed into 
a text-to-speech program. The results were just about as awful as you'd 
imagine. I can see this as being a great assistive technology for blind 
people who are sick of the relatively restricted pool of available 
audiobooks, but I can't imagine anyone listening to it for any other reason.

Unless they're a *really* big Doctor Who fan and just plain like the 
sound of Daleks talking.

Anyway - just guesswork on my part.


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