(urth) Book of the New Sun Audiobooks?

David DiGiacomo david at slack.com
Thu Jun 14 14:47:13 PDT 2007

> You see, MP3's are 1/10th the
> size of regular WAV. files found on regular music CD's.  In other words, a
> regular CD can hold up to 800 minutes of MP3 audio while with WAV's you
> only get 80 mins.  

Audio CDs hold uncompressed audio, but they don't have WAV files on them
(or any files).

>According to the seller's information there are 50 hours of audio on the
>two disks. 50 X 60 = 3000 minutes -- not 1600. Curiouser and curiouser.

Since it's not music, it can be compressed to 32Kbps with reasonable

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