(urth) The Distant Suns of Gene Wolfe

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Tue Jun 5 09:53:15 PDT 2007


"Well, at the risk of being labelled a nitpick, they
are called halflings by the Gondorians. But it appears
that it's a "real" word that can't be copyrighted."

Nitpick away! You are exactly right. One word is the invention of the Professor. The other is a
"real world word".

Hence the deletion of "Cthulhu" and other words from the Monster Manual.

TSR had a good business relationship with Leiber and published supplements based on his works. I
don't know if they ever had a deal with Vance. Arkham House eventually sold the rights for gaming
in Lovecraft's worlds to Chaosium, who did a bang up job with their "Call of Cthulhu". LotR has
gone through multiple incarnations as a licensed property, under various helms.

(Nerdily? Here I am scouring eBay for copies of "En Garde!" to incorporate its quasi-roleplaying
aspects into a naval miniatures game called "Fire As She Bears". You can't get much nerdier!)

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