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I am glad to see some Vance readers around here.  I, too, wish I could
have purchased the VIE, and I still sometimes fantasize about having those
lovely volumes here on my bookshelf.  I have heard some negative comments
regarding these books, however (excepting the price).  The man who designed
the font used in the books was no pro at typefaces, but only an interested
amateur and Vance fan.  I have seen the font and I do not particularly like
it myself. It doesn't lend itself to long reading sessions and is somewhat
archaic in appearance.  Why they didn't go with an established and
easy-to-read font is anybody's guess.  Alas...
But seriously, I read The Dying Earth first, as many others did, then moved
on to his other work.  The man is just an amazing writer, but something of
an acquired taste, it seems.  I am a member of the Jack Vance MB, a really
great place to meet other Vance fans.  The folks there are so darn nice; two
members mailed me Vance novels that I hadn't read yet just so I could
discuss them on the board.  Free of charge and for keeps.  Anyway, I
discovered Wolfe through Vance I guess you could say.  I think a google
search of The Dying Earth produced a link to a review of TBotNS, and from
there I was hooked.  I also discovered that Wolfe is a big Vance fan
himself. Anyway, I went about a year or so reading nothing but Vance, then
another year reading Wolfe almost exclusively.  Now it seems like every
other author I attempt to read are mere beginners compared to these two
greats.  Now I wish I would have waited to read these two, and 'worked my
way up', so to speak.
     Also, the other day, I read about the author Michael Shea and how he
wrote a sequel to The Eyes of the Overworld.  He then went on to write a few
books about a character named Nifft the Lean who is said to be Cugel-esque.
I am intrigued and will probably try to locate a copy of this Nifft the
Lean.  Hopefully it will be worthwhile.  Any of you guys read Michael Shea?
Any good? Sorry for the long post guys.
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