(urth) The Distant Suns of Gene Wolfe

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I also thought this was ridiculous.  One editor's opinion does little to
convince me.  I think Wolfe would be published no matter when he began
submitting.  The comment about his writing being too strange also kills me.
What about the guy who wrote Fight Club and Guts? (Can't remember his name
at the moment) I suppose this editor thinks that his stuff is normal.  And
as far as Wolfe's writing being too religious, I disagree.  I think for most
people, the religion in his work is there, but it is subtle and never
dominates.  If you go into Wolfe's work looking for examples of his beliefs,
then you will find them, IMO.  Then again, you could go into Wolfe's work
looking for examples of just about anything and most likely find it.  Just
my  $0.02

On 6/1/07, Recursive Loop <recursive_loop at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Now, **this** is funny:
> "I recently asked a veteran New York editor whether Wolfe could find a
> publisher today if he were
> just coming along as a young writer. "Probably not," she admitted. His
> writing is too religious,
> too difficult, and too strange."
> Heaven forbid that we request readers to actually **think**, now!
> Why didn't she just say "He's conservative, I'm a hip left-leaning NY
> publisher and I can't see
> past the end of my viewpoint!"
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