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Mo Holkar / UKG lists at ukg.co.uk
Tue Jul 24 13:44:55 PDT 2007

At 18:48 24/07/2007, you wrote:
>I noticed that it's not a free-edit Wiki.  How hard is it to obtain 

Not at all hard -- at the moment, while knowledge of the wiki is 
limited to members of this list, we're allowing anyone who wants to 
sign up as a contributor:

If it continues to grow to the point where we observe "bad" 
contributor behaviour, then we'll tighten up on things.

>Furthermore, what is the spirit of this thing?  From what I've seen 
>there isn't a lot of consensus about the interpretation, so perhaps 
>the sections pertaining to places and characters should focus on 
>objective facts to avoid editorial battles.
>However, I would rather like to see an interpretive FAQ of sorts for 
>the story also, perhaps in a separate section for each of the books.

What we've tried to do so far is to create "rigidly defined areas of 
doubt and uncertainty" (in the words of Douglas Adams) -- each work 
has a factual area and a separate interpretative area. Of course this 
is all up for grabs as the consensus of users evolves, but hopefully 
it's a workable starting situation.

best wishes,


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