(urth) The Morality of the Hierogrammates

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Now now, no need for hostility.  I'm merely proposing a puzzle that I think
is interesting.  Perhaps it isn't, or it isn't even a puzzle at all, but it
bears noting that your arguments, such as they've been, haven't convinced me
of that.

On 7/23/07, brunians at brunians.org <brunians at brunians.org> wrote:
> > As for who cares, perhaps Wolfe does.
> > A theme of his is natural explanations for the supernatural, such as the
> > magic of Devil in the Forest, or the mystery of the Pelerine cathedral
> in
> > BotNS.
> > I contend that the feasibility of the flood is a deliberate puzzle.
> Well, you'll feel right at home here: this is pedant central.
> .
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