(urth) Borski's 5HOC site

Daniel D Jones ddjones at riddlemaster.org
Sat Jul 14 07:20:05 PDT 2007

On Saturday 14 July 2007 02:39, Gwern Branwen wrote:
> On  0, Mo Holkar / UKG <lists at ukg.co.uk> scribbled:
> > I've now downloaded a copy to read myself, and would be very happy to
> > put it up onto WolfeWiki if his permission can be sought and obtained,
> >
> > Mo
> If you do ask, make sure you get a decent license for the corpus. Copyright
> is a very treacherous thing, with many arbitrary and nasty rules (I
> especially like how derivative works must be licensed under the most
> restrictive license applied to any of its constituents, or the copyright by
> default regime). If it goes on the wiki, people will be editing it,
> hopefully, and incorporating it into other pages, so if it has a
> proprietary or non-commercial license, it'll sooner or later contaminate
> other pages.
> --
> gwern
> "A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the
> balances are correct. This every sister of the Bene Gesserit knows..."

I think the best thing to do for cases like this would be for the admin to 
lock the pages and disallow editing, and to put an introduction at the top 
with attribution to Borski and explaining why editing is not allowed.

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