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> At 15:51 10/07/2007, you wrote:
> >Several months ago I was able to touch base with Mr. Borski via the
> >strangehorizons site, where quite a bit of his poetry has been
> >appearing lately, and he told me Cave Canem has always been
> >available as a download from a gmail account he set up expressly for
> >that purpose. Apparently, someone here is supposed to pass the word
> >every time a request comes up. I just tested the link and it remains
> >valid, so for those interested, after you go to gmail.com, login
> >with the following particulars:
> >
> >Username = rborski Password = CaveCanem
> That's very kind of him!
> >I was also told that hard copies of the Concordance remain available
> >from siriusfiction "for a pittance" and that a synthesis of the Cave
> >Canem essays, containing Borski's most recent thinking about Fifth
> >Head, can be found in his second book.
> >
> >Wonder at the same time if there's any way the Cave Canem
> >material--with permission--could be wikified?
> I've now downloaded a copy to read myself, and would be very happy to
> put it up onto WolfeWiki if his permission can be sought and obtained,
> Mo

If you do ask, make sure you get a decent license for the corpus. Copyright is a very treacherous thing, with many arbitrary and nasty rules (I especially like how derivative works must be licensed under the most restrictive license applied to any of its constituents, or the copyright by default regime). If it goes on the wiki, people will be editing it, hopefully, and incorporating it into other pages, so if it has a proprietary or non-commercial license, it'll sooner or later contaminate other pages.

"A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct. This every sister of the Bene Gesserit knows..."
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