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A long-time lurker writes, though I have posted several times before in the past...

I've been re-reading the first two Latro novels in preparation for 'Soldier of Sidon', and have just finished 'Arete'. I remember finding the ending confusing on first reading several years ago, and had hoped it would be a bit clearer to me this time round, having read many posts in the urth archives, and some Robert Graves and Herodotus. However, I still don't really understand what happens, event-by-event so to speak (though much of the rest of the events of the two books as much clearer this time round, mainly thanks to past posts on this list).

The point where I start to lose my way is Latro's dream whilst Pindaros is reciting poetry for him (pp334 of the hardback). What exactly happens here? Why does Polos say that he "wants to love" and "will love" Pasicrates, who has treated him badly in the past? I believe Latro is cured of his moroseness because Pasicrates is forced to forgive him, but I thought that there was more to his depression than that - isn't it to do with Pharetra and the whole betrayal thing (the manumission ceremony)?

Is Anysia an aspect of Artemis? And is Elata on Latro's side or not? I always thought that she was, but in the final pages it seems like she turns against him. And what happens during and after the chariot race? Latro loses the race deliberately, right? Yet Pausanius is still honoured and allows Latro to leave? So many questions! As you can see, I'm really lost here! I know there are some very knowledgeable people on this list, so I'm hoping someone can take the time to clarify things for me a bit before I start on 'Sidon'.

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