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> > Sorry about the 3 emails in a row... but I also just relaized that the> > prior race on Blue and Green left because of the Inhumi (or atleast thats> > what I always assumed) and they sound nothing like Humans.  They may be the "future" humans. We know from TBotNS that the next step on human (directed) evolution will be the Green Man race. Who knows how things go from there? We're talking transhumanism here.

(sorry about the length)
I would agree that it may be some variation of future human, however it still leaves me to question why Typhon would construct the Whorl just to repopulate a system with a dieing sun.  He was on Earth already as it was failing so no real reason existed to recolonize it.  If computer Pas saw Earth failing he wouldn't waste his colony fliers on a dead Sun system in the distant hope that some savior the he doesn't believe in will convince a distant far advanced race to send Earth System a new Sun.  
Sorry just not accepting that Green and Blue are Earth and Lune/Venus without better proof.  Expecially not only 300 (or 3,000) years in the future (the amount of time the Whorl has been in travel).
Another thing that shoots that theory apart is the fact that SilkHorn astral travels to Urth in one of his dreams.  Here Scylla his bird talks to Scylla (question about that at the bottom of the page).  Now I do not think that SilkHorn can astral travel through time, but I do think he can instantly through any distance.  Thus 300 (or 3,000) years after this Whorl leaves Urth SilkHorn travels back to talk to child Severain.
Typhon Rules -> Whorl is sent -> Sun seriously deminishes -> Typhon dies and is replaced by Autarch system -> Whorl Arrives & Colonizes -> Severain is born -> SilkHorn astral travels and talks to Severain -> Severain becomes Autarch -> Severain leaves and returns with New Sun
As someone else stated Typhon obviously had FTL technology as ships existed that could take him between stars, unless these ships bend time, then they travel FTL since Typhon can survive the voyage.  I assume he could freeze himself, however he had doctors (as stated before) travel from across the galaxy to come and try and find a way to extend his life.  Assuming that he didn't send for his doctors 300 years in advance (assuming that STL travel takes approx 300 years since that was the speed of the Whorl, unless you accept the 3,000 Whorl trip) then they would have to be able to get to Earth in a faster method.
Since instant teleportation exist, time travel exist, and even astral travel exist in this book series then I wouldn't discredit FTL travel.
As for inhumi traveling between Green and Blue, I think this is not reasonable for the following reason.  One city burned Inhumi to kill them... if fire can kill them I would assume they would burn up in the atmosphere, or die upon impact.  I think they lie about this so that the humans don't destroy all fliers.
The version I like best is the following:
Typhon begins a massive project to send Whorl Sized colony ships out into space and does so many sucessful times.  He does so by a technology that rapidly takes energy out of the Sun and powers them by lifting out Solar sections and encases them on the ship as a power supply.  Either FTL technology was unable to move ships of this size, or he did not want to trust the colonies with such guarded technology.  A new technology is developed that can extract power from the Sun at a faster rate and Typhon approves of its use and it develops, or atleast produces the same effect of a black hole in our star.  My idea would be a technology that would be easier than star lifting by just teleporting solar mass to a location, however when tested it basically creates a warp hole in our star to another location that is rapidly portaling out the center of our star (basically removing half of its mass) and taking it to another spot in the galaxy.
Typhon realizes the damage done to the star and tries to calm the planet and evacuate all the technology and wealth that he can but unexpectedly stranded himself on the planet (probably through treachery, noticing that he is abandoned by his guards and probably posioned or killed by someone this isn't too far fetched)
The Whorl projects failed in a lot of instances from faults in the mainframe government system becoming faulty and attacking itself, mainly due to the use of human brainwave programing.
300 (or 3,000 depending if you believe Marble's statement on how she misplaces digits time to time) years later one of the Whorl project ships arrive at its destination just in time (after taking unexpected damage to its cooling system probably from asteroids, or just internal damage probably from a war).
The ship begins to offload its colonization cargo of civilians and various types of food production crops and animals.  The ship had aquired a great deal of damaged cargo due to governmental instablitiy of the mainframe program, and nearly lost its cargo due to overheating, and to atleast one case of a germinated infestation of some type.  The Whorl decides that once sufficent levels of population has grown on the planet they would send down Chems, or programmed humans to build terminals for transfering the governing Mainframe to the new colonies.
While offloading its cargo inhumi sneak aboard the first few fliers to land on the planet surface of Green and take the fliers back to the Whorl.  I believe this would be the demons that snuck aboard the Whorl.  This is when the Mainframe program goes critcal.  It detects the inhumi and sections of the mainframe program decide not to colonize the planets, and they desire to keep, while other sections desire to colonize the planet and attempt to overthrow the inhumi.  The section of the mainframe that desires to hold off on colonization corrupts and removes the section that desires to colonize.
However by preserving itself in backups on human host the colonization program reintigrates itself into mainframe and sets the mainframe system into a self destructive digital war on itself.  In a desperate attempt to have a sucessful terminal mainframe on Earth it programs Auk with engineering specifications to build a mainframe on arrival. At the end it finds itself crippled and unable to function and decides to repair itself by intigrating a new human's brainwaves.  The individual selected was a political leader, that had been genetically engineered.  This genetic engineered host was specially set aboard the Whorl to act as digital Typhon's physical body once colonization had finished.   The newly programmed mainframe continues to destroy the remaining sections of the corrupt Mainframe and resumes colonization of the system.  However the newly programmed mainframe decides not to build a mainframe on the planet and free it of digital mainframe government.  The corrupt segments of the mainframe attempt to flee the Whorl to the colonies to intigrate with any terminals that Auk possibly built, it is unknown if any were completed.
Alternativly, the new mainframe was waiting to competely clear the corrupted mainframe and ensure that as few existing terminals existed on the colonies as possible before buidling terminals.  Once the existing Mainframe was secure he could transfer himself to the colonies, it is also unknown if he did this.
Upon sucessful colonization of the worlds, and with a sufficent fuel source, repairs began on returning the Whorl to service and colonize another system.
(I apologize for all of my typos or poor choices in grammer, however I am really curious to how my theory holds up!)
Another question:
Scylla - I forget her real name as Typhon's daughter, but does anyone else have the theory that the undine Scylla used mind control on her brain in order to be intigrated onto the Whorl when she was scanned?
This would explain why she is so cold and ruthless (while in Chenille), and why she loves the water, it would also explain why she (in Oreb form) wants to talk to Scylla on Urth via Silkhorn.  
HOWEVER, if Scylla did exist on Urth during Typhon's rule, why wasn't he fighting with the Undines, was she hidding & growing?
Who is the Undine that exist on Blue? It is not Scylla if she is also on Urth I think.  (so long that SilkHorn cannot time travel)
I heard someone say that the undines put a blackhole in the sun.  I don't think so since they want to survive on the Urth also.
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