(urth) Wolfe at the Beach: Two Reviews

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Tue Aug 28 14:20:51 PDT 2007

Just a note to set the facts straight.


Rex Lycanthrosaurus wrote:

>  >favorite blunder, however, involves Michael Andre-Driussi, who we're
>>told "is working on a second edition of the Lexicon, which will correct
>>many of the errors as well as adding new ones." So I guess that tells us
>>when Lexicon Urthis 2.0 will come out -- when mantis finishes adding all
>>the new errors! <gr>

I forwarded Rex's post to mantis, who wrote:
>Right.  Well, given the context, I share Rex's pain at typos--from 
>both sides (reader and publisher), or more sides, if possible.
>Setting that aside, the "blunder" attributed to Wright is actually 
>100% accurate.  That is, I said it, or wrote it, and he is repeating 
>it verbatim, with perhaps too straight a face.

mantis went on to add:
>Again, I understand how he could have taken it as a blunder since he 
>was being irritated by real typos, so I'm not being critical of Rex. 
>And I can also see how a self-deprecating remark given by myself 
>might lose humor when repeated by another, and even seem deprecating 
>or condescending (if not a flat out blunder).

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