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Thu Apr 12 14:19:14 PDT 2007

>--- Recursive Loop <recursive_loop at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Greetings:
> >
> > "In pondering the difficulties of filming a Wolfe
> > novel,
> > and there are many, I think it is a mistake for us
> > to sell
> > screenwriters and film directors short."
> >
> > Welllllll...let's see...
> > The film version of "Starship Troopers" (where the
> > director proudly stated he had not read the
> > book and was not going to read the book)
>Ahh, Starship Troopers. I hated that book so much that
>it colored my view of the rest of Heinlein's work.
>(Friday is the only novel I truly enjoyed. Heinlein's
>portrayal of California in that is still spot on.) The
>movie, on the other hand, is a hilarious f*@% you to
>the action movie obsessed public, as well as a great
>satire of Gulf War One. The truly scary thing about it
>is that it applies to Gulf War Two just as well. It's
>the most expensive american fascist propaganda movie
>ever made, and for my money the best science fiction
>movie of the last 25 years, Blade Runner (which is
>also a far less than faithful adaptation) included.
>All my moderately humble opinion, of course.

I have a hard time fitting this to GW I as well.

Also... I have trouble attributing a great deal of subtlety to the person 
who, if I recall correctly, brought the film "Showgirls" into the world. 
Yes, some direct satirical element remains, but I highly doubt that any 
meta-level critique of action movie audiences is going on.

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