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Dave Lebling dlebling at hyraxes.com
Sat Sep 23 08:32:03 PDT 2006

They're actually a pretty decent adaptation, not Conanish at all. I have 
read (and own) the first two, which take the story up to the death of 

Dave Lebling, aka vizcacha

don doggett wrote:
> Hey y'all,
> Does anyone know anything about a set of Shadow of the
> Torturer comics? There's a set of 3 on ebay for three
> bucks plus $5 s&h. I don't think I want them (they
> look a little Sev as Conan) but I was curious if
> anyone knew the history. Btw, having loaned out my
> paperback copies of NS (mistake, mistake, mistake) I
> have restored my set with first edition first printing
> hardcovers. The covers of the first two are gorgeous.
> I was only nine or ten when shadow of the torturer
> came out (that was even pre Lord of the Rings for me)
> so I'm looking forward to savoring them. Maybe I'll
> buy some cheap mass markets as reference copies.
> take care
> Don
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