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don doggett kingwukong at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 22 16:59:39 PDT 2006

Hey y'all,

Does anyone know anything about a set of Shadow of the
Torturer comics? There's a set of 3 on ebay for three
bucks plus $5 s&h. I don't think I want them (they
look a little Sev as Conan) but I was curious if
anyone knew the history. Btw, having loaned out my
paperback copies of NS (mistake, mistake, mistake) I
have restored my set with first edition first printing
hardcovers. The covers of the first two are gorgeous.
I was only nine or ten when shadow of the torturer
came out (that was even pre Lord of the Rings for me)
so I'm looking forward to savoring them. Maybe I'll
buy some cheap mass markets as reference copies.

take care


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