(urth) Van Vogt. (Was: Re: I Claudius)

Jesper Svedberg jsvedberg at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 15:38:59 PDT 2006

Andy Robertson skrev:

> It certainly is worth looking at.   ((My pronouncements have been 
> unjustifiably gnomic and absolute.  You must excuse me - I'm terribly 
> busy.))  But I think the difference lies in the fact that the "godhood" in 
> TBOTNS is rooted in Judaeo-Christian ideas of submission to an omnipotent 
> Increate and His judgement.  This idea of God is not an Indo-European 
> concept at all and is really quite different from the godhood in PTATH or 
> elsewhere in VV. 

Well, right. I'm just suggesting that Wolfe might be reworking a Van 
Vogtian (or similar) story of dawning Godhood in a Judaeo-Christian 
context. I other words: he's asking the question "What would the type of 
hero found in a Campbellian monomyth or a story by Van Vogt be like if 
the actual metaphysics of the world were based on christianity?"

   // Jesper

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