(urth) Funding

Jon Capps jon at joncapps.net
Wed Sep 6 04:21:45 PDT 2006

Chris Mulder wrote:

> the web.  I would be willing to help fund it, as well.  What I would be 
> interested to know is what an annual cost might be, plus interest level 
> of contributors.

Well, I could host a wiki at no additional cost to myself, and am online 
regularly enough to admin it (but would gladly give a few list regulars 
admin/moderator authority).  The only real financial cost would come 
from getting the domain name, and that would be ~$10/year, give or take, 
depending on the registrar used.  Domains can be registered for more 
than one year at a time, so it also depends on how long you want to go 
before having to renew it.

If I had a job and were making real money, then this wouldn't be an 
issue ;)  However, since I'm struggling to return to the workforce after 
a prolonged temp disability, I'm rather indefinitely strapped for extra 

But don't go throwing money around just yet.  If it is acceptable to 
have something like urthwiki.joncapps.net or wikki.urth.net instead of 
something like www.urthwiki.net, then no one needs to shell out anything.

But I'm not really interested in doing anything unless the list decised 
it wants it.  I just saw the bait and bit the hook.  Now it's up to the 
list to reel me in ;)


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