(urth) urth Digest, Vol 26, Issue 23

Joe Smulkstis jismulkstis at nyc.rr.com
Fri Oct 20 04:55:49 PDT 2006

It may be off topic, but I'm really enjoying the misogyny discussion.

Adam Thornton is exactly right when he points out "Chivalry *is* biology".
This ethic may have made sense when we needed to increase the number 
of villagers or be eaten by wolves, but with 6.5 billion people in the
world and a human-induced mass extinction being the current situation,
maximizing our numbers is no longer a desirable outcome.

I'd also like to agree with Hmph when she says:

> I'd say the differences between
> men and women are somewhat (or, depending on which depiction we're
> actually talking about, often even *hugely*) exaggerated. 

Oh, yes.  Absolutely.  I've met men who love children and women who 
genuinely can't stand the little bastards.  Theodore Sturgeon wrote 
a book called "Venus Plus X" which touches on this theme.

I think the any differences that may exist are amplified 
by people's desire to see themselves as part of groups 
with defined roles and behaviors, rather than just another 
dumb human.   Aside from childbirth and castration most behaviors
can be found somewhere in both men and women.

Thank you all for some very interesting discussions.

"The more I know people, the more I like animals".

Anyone know who said that?


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