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Fred Kiesche godel2escher2bach at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 4 01:14:45 PDT 2006


I have a lot of books in electronic format. Generally,
I'll own both "dead tree" and electronic formats,
especially if they're published by certain authors
(Baen, no snickering please, comes to mind).

So before embarking on a re-read of the "New Sun", I
thought I'd see if they were available in electronic
format. I've found it a good way of making notes,
"dog-earring" the text, etc.

Dang. It ain't so. And the selection that **is**
available puzzles me:

The Knight (but not The Wizard!)
Strange Travelers (O.K., an independent)
Return to the Whorl (volume 3 of the Book of the Short
Sun...but not the first two?)

I'll never understand why publishers do things like
release one book electronically...and not the
first...and never follow it up.

Maybe these wouldn't sell like hotcakes in electronic
format, but I'll bet if I were a dishonest soul who
searched the seamy side of the internet, I could
probably come up with pirate editions of what I'm
looking for. But I won't. I am willing to spend money
to buy electronic versions. But I guess I'll have to
score some more paperbacks (used or new) and mark,
notate and dog-ear them.


          Fred Kiesche (FPK3)
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