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Stanislaus sbocian at poczta.fm
Sat Oct 7 02:08:21 PDT 2006

Hello Fred,

Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 10:14:45 AM, you wrote:

> Greetings:

> I have a lot of books in electronic format. Generally,
> I'll own both "dead tree" and electronic formats,
> especially if they're published by certain authors
> (Baen, no snickering please, comes to mind).

> So before embarking on a re-read of the "New Sun", I
> thought I'd see if they were available in electronic
> format.
> Maybe these wouldn't sell like hotcakes in electronic
> format, but I'll bet if I were a dishonest soul who
> searched the seamy side of the internet, I could
> probably come up with pirate editions of what I'm
> looking for. But I won't. I am willing to spend money
> to buy electronic versions. But I guess I'll have to
> score some more paperbacks (used or new) and mark,
> notate and dog-ear them.

> Grumble.

>           Fred Kiesche (FPK3)

I have a simple solution. Buy some paper books
by Wolfe - new, not used, he doesn't get any money from used books -
AND get pirated texts. It is NOT legal - but as the author gets the
money anyway, it is not so important - unless you want to strictly
obey the law.

Best regards,
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