(urth) Wolfe: Misogynist or Realist?

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Sun Oct 22 10:16:36 PDT 2006

On 10/22/06, Hmpf MacSlow <hmpf1998 at gmx.net> wrote:
> Isn't Delany bisexual, anyway?

Delany regularly identifies himself as gay. He has had some
"straight experiences," including a long-term but ultimately
not-very-successful marriage to the poet Marilyn Hacker, which
_did_ result in the birth of one child, their daughter Iva.

> For a homosexual he certainly writes a
> lot about sex with women! (And about mixed threesomes.)

The "happiest" (or most successful, sexually) period of the
Delany-Hacker marriage seems to have been a period when
they welcomed a third person into their home and bed. This
is chronicled in different ways in Delany's memoir, _The Motion
of  Light in Water_, and Hacker's long poem, "The Navigators."

> I didn't get misogynist vibes from Dhalgren.

Nor do I. Delany is as feminist as a male can be.

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