(urth) The Chivalrous Society?

Dan'l Danehy-Oakes danldo at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 21:07:13 PDT 2006

On 10/19/06, Bob Miller <bob_bageera at hotmail.com> wrote:
>   On the other hand as eminent a sociologist as Dr.
> Greeley has stated in print that one of the effects of
> "women's lib" seems to be a major blow to chivalry
> (# of rapes and date rapes on campus up dramatically
> over the past few decades?).

Thank you for that question mark, because that
"up dramatically" is definitely in question. It is
clear that at least _part_ of that increase is due
to increased _reporting_ -- one of the effects of
feminism/"women's lib"/whatever you want to call
it is that women aren't afraid to point the finger when
they're raped.

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