(urth) The Chivalrous Society?

Bob Miller bob_bageera at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 19 17:23:37 PDT 2006

>the safety and protection of women continues to be of
>higher priority than protection of men in our society.  Chivalry
>colors our social outlook so universally it is hard to see it.

I heartily disagree.
What do you mean by "our society?" The US? North
America and western Europe? Your own social sphere?
Because I just don't see it.

Well, I do know the reflexive courtesy I consider synonymous with chivalry 
that some show women is usually quite appreciated.  At my  age I only get 
smiles of thankyou and deference due to that age and I appreciate those.

While we have a much much less chivalrous societal base now than before ~ 
1975, it is true that we have many customs that are based on that code. For 
example, the USMarineC does not, as a policy, put owmen in combat positions. 
  On the other hand as eminent a sociologist as Dr. Greeley has stated in 
print that one of the effects of "women's lib" seems to be a major blow to 
chivalry (# of rapes and date rapes on campus up dramatically over the past 
few decades?).

To be clear on my own part, "all morality comes from women and children 
first" --RAH  and he meant into the lifeboat first, is the base of my own 
behavior.  Besides, either the smile or view of some walking away makes my 
eyes feel better.

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