(urth) Confussion about Sev/Pas/Silk/Typhon/Able

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Wed Nov 29 20:54:06 PST 2006

I won't go into many of your questions, but I am confident Silk is Typhon's biological son, with Kypris/Mamelta his mother.  In the tunnels, he vows he won't sleep until his mother comes.  Than he runs into Mamelta and awakens her.  There are only a few characters in the text with blue eyes.  Mamelta, Kypris' image, and Silk are the important ones.  There are several other hints that Mamelta is the original Kypris, w hich I posted long ago here somewhere.

One of the most bizarre scenes in the book involves Silk catching a glimpse of mamelta's genitals as she scales the ladder, then he thinks about mankind's origin among the stars.  Whether he is a clone or not, I'd need to re-read long sun with that in mind.
What blows my mind is why Severian's face can be found in Typhon's tomb where he lays Scylla to rest, if indeed that is the tomb he plays in during his youth in Shadow of the torturer.  I can't figure out his relationship to Typhon, but certainly the light hair of silk and the dark hair of severian preclude them from being closer than brothers genetically (ie - they aren't clones of each other).

Marc Aramini

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