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Dan Rabin wrote:
> At 1:50 AM -0600 11/14/06, Jeff Wilson wrote:
>> Dan Rabin wrote:
>>>  This fits the general pattern of inversions between the two series,
>>>  but also solves a technical problem: the construction of Latro's
>>>  situation makes foreshadowing within the body of the novels
>>>  immpossible, so the "translator" can plant a bit in the forewords.
>> since the actual author isn't amnesiac, I don't see how this is a problem.
> I meant that Latro, not Wolfe, can't foreshadow the way Severian can. 
> It is true, as I guess you're suggesting, that nothing prevents Wolfe 
> from injecting foreshadowing into the utterances and actions of 
> others as reported by Latro.  Indeed, Wolfe has gods, oracles, and 
> seers do precisely this.

Now that I think about it, Latro can do this, though not reliably. 
Certainly in _Mist_, he revisits themes and topics hinted at earlier, 
and this is explained by him re-reading his earlier entries immediately 
prior to inscribing new ones. In fact, he pretty much has to be assumed 
to re-read at least "read this every day" for him to know to continue 
the scroll at all.

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