(urth) Confussion about Sev/Pas/Silk/Typhon/Able

Michael Dale undergod_13 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 28 21:37:53 PST 2006

I have read through the archive since its begining (only reading the 
articles that appeard appealing which was about 1/10 of them) which took me 
about oh... 5 hours.

Now here are some questions about some theories I read, and current theories 
that I want put to rest:

1) Who exactly is the father and mother of Severain?
    - Is he a clone of Typhon (I doubt it)
    - Its a better bet that he is a child of one of the Masters of the Order 
for Truth and Penance
    - My favorite theory is that by the time he starts writting tBotNS that 
his memory has utterly been decimated by having multiple personaliites and 
the memories of countless Autarchs crammed into his head... and thus what he 
can remember of his past is a mixture of all the Autarchs memories 
(expecially about his childhood)... which would explain why his memory of 
his childhood is actually very similar to Ymar the first Autarch. This is 
also the least plausable

Next question

2) What exactly is special about Silk's DNA?
    - Is he a clone of Typhon
    - Is he a clone of Severain (Silk is a member of the Order for Truth and 
Penance... and Typhon did have access to Severain's DNA after his guards 
roughed him up some...)
    - Maybe he is just genetically supperior... Perhaps Tussah could have 
left a better hint... if only his will had said "I want this kid that I 
found in a test tube labelled [Prophet/Conciliator that Escaped Typhon's 

It wouldn't be too far fetched to assume that Typhon added Severain to the 
list of embrios after being impressed with his disappearing act.

Next Question

3) Remora once talks to Queztal about the Garden of Eve it seems... how far 
into the future is it when the Whorl is launched?  Exactly what major 
catastrophes have happend before then (poles flipped... flooding... sun 

Final Question (from The Wizard)

4) Able's dreams are from people that are dying... is he really just a 
creation of the Aelf that took hold of the first death dream it had from 
Parkas String?

Now to respond to some things I read:

1) Why did Typhon make then Whorl with STL tech (which it clearly is seeing 
that it slowly is leaving viewable sight at the end of tBotSS) when he 
should have FTL travel (IE Heiroducle and the fact that he has an 
intergalactic empire in his days)

I can think of three easy solutions to this

A) The Whorl is simply too big to use FTL drives with the ammount of energy 

B) Typhon did not build the Heiroducle (sp) nor any other ships he might 
possess with FTL capabilites... rather he aquired them by trading with 
Caogens (not necissarily any even spoken of in the book although the names 
of the ships suggest it)...

C) I know when I am Empire of my universe I am not going to allow my 
colonies to learn the secrets of FTL drives by reverse engineering my 
spaceships! Thus leading towards their independance allowing them to develop 
together along with spawning more colonies... eventually leading to a 
rebellion and my ousting as a leader.

2) Why are no Chems around in Severain's day, and even in Typhons day?  Why 
didn't Typhon just download into one?

I would imagine androids are fairly rare outside of military installations 
and government centers in the days of Typhon.  Typhon would never download 
into an android since that would be the end of his OWN existance... just 
imagine that if I was to say you can live forever as a simulation on your 
computer... but you have to die right now... I bet you wouldnt like that 
solution.  Why are Typhons Guards human?  Perhaps just a carry over of 
tradition... or just a symbol of power... nastagia... so on

However if I was Typhon I would just clone myself, lob off New Typhons head 
and tie myself right on (of course in a very complex surgury)... however is 
the body that important too you?  Expecially since Typhon was probably just 
some Nerdy kid body before?  Why not just get a strong guy and take over his 
body?  Seems reasonable... except I would have gone for a martial artist... 
heck ya Bruce Lee...

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