(urth) Witches' Function

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Tue May 30 00:23:10 PDT 2006

Macronaut two great recent posts! (IMHO).

You say:
>I think this provides some support for the idea of the Witches as 
>biologists, though I think some of >the other references put forward as 
>evidence that the Witches are genetic engineers are less >convincing.  
>Still -- if you want to go down this path, a couple of thoughts:

>1) Master Gurloes says that the witches are an unpleasant place to 
>experience sex, but that they >willingly serve this function (even for the 
>despised torturers).  Why?  Perhaps to collect genetic >material.
>2) for all those man-beast hybrids out there, the Witches' tower is located 
>conviently close to the >Beast Tower.
>3) Merryn is described as someone who is beautiful but in a way that 
>suggests sickness or illness.

I think you missed this part of my post:
>Master Gurloes tells that he received his introduction to sex from the 
>witches but hints that it isn't such a pleasant experience and sends 
>Severian instead to the House Azure.  Severian later notes that the 
>torturers try to send only pre-pubescent boys to visit the witches and the 
>older apprentices tell terrible stories and even the bravest boys are 
>afraid to go.  The unpleasant aspect is not explained but perhaps they are 
>treated like sample donors.  Perhaps forced to perform again and again and 

Which only proves great minds think alike?   LOL! sorry.

I agree completely regarding the production of man-beasts and Merryn's 
diseased look from engaging in such unhealthy practices.  Please see my post 
called Naming Rule 2a.

Regarding your continued puzzlement on what capacity the witches serve the 
autarch I can only say What?  Isn't cloning, bloodstream sharing technology, 
man-beast production, genetic experimentation and production of alzabo-like 
pharmacon enough?  How ungrateful!


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