(urth) Witches' Function

Macronaut macronaut at yahoo.com
Tue May 30 07:33:56 PDT 2006

B Sharp wrote:

> I think you missed this part of my post:
> >Master Gurloes tells that he received his
> introduction to sex from the 
> >witches but hints that it isn't such a pleasant
> experience and sends 
> >Severian instead to the House Azure.  Severian
> later notes that the 
> >torturers try to send only pre-pubescent boys to
> visit the witches and the 
> >older apprentices tell terrible stories and even
> the bravest boys are 
> >afraid to go.  The unpleasant aspect is not
> explained but perhaps they are 
> >treated like sample donors.  Perhaps forced to
> perform again and again and 
> >again...ouch.

Oops -- sorry for missing the sperm donor stuff.  


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