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> I'm also aghast (not really) at Roy, Jack Lyons, Alice Turner, Kieran 
> Mullen
> and others 7 years ago for having an in depth discussion of Gilligan's
> Island in here and not noting the spot on physical ,  personality and
> vocational resemblance of Ginger to Jolenta. Hmph!
> -bsharp

     Wasn't that in our long discussion about the Professor/Dr. Talos 
parallel and the theory about how the undines kept everyone from 
escaping from the island?   Or the lost episode where they decided to 
impose capital punishment on the island and Gilligan was the 
executioner?   ("Is urtication really called for, Lil' Buddy?")

"Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip
that spanned the very halls of time on Tzadkiel's tiny ship".

-- Original first sentence for "Urth of the New Sun".

Kieran Mullen

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