(urth) pedophilia

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Fri May 19 04:55:41 PDT 2006

(golden Severa etc. doesn't seem the right title for this thread)

David DiGiacomo exclaims:

>Wait a second, I missed something - are you saying that Wolfe used this
>idea of innocence in describing Baldanders's catamite?  How exactly?

No, I suggested that Wolfe might be using this ideal of innocence to 
describe Dorcas.  And that Baldanders was thus inspired to clone his 
catamite from Dorcas cells, using the later eviscerated Pia-sister as a 
gestational incubator for the homunculus in the manner he previously used to 
create Talos. (he wouldn't wait for it to develop, full term).

he also notes:
>These traits are just our societal norms of attractiveness.  They are
>not unique to children.

Hm.. depends on what you mean by "our societal norms", David.  If you mean 
mainstream American culture since the late 60's, then I can conditionally 
agree. Many have indicted this culture (which has spread worldwide in the 
past 40 years) as tending toward pedophilic standards of beauty.  The 
prevalence of body hair shaving, waxing, depililation, weight loss, tanning 
salons, intensive exercise, botox and plastic surgery reflect attractiveness 
standards which worship excessively prolonged youth.

Art from the past, from the Venus of Willendorf to Peter Paul Rubens, 
suggests that there are times in history when the high standard of beauty 
was closer to the form of a voluptuous, mature woman.  And of course not 
every culture nor every person in this modern world thinks a slim, innocent, 
child-like waif is the ideal form of an attractive woman.  We might be able 
to blame a likely gay and pedophilic Alexander the Great for spreading the 
male practice of beard shaving.

Who is old enough to remember when a hairy chest was considered universally 
desireble in a man in the USA?  When European women didn't shave their arms 
or legs?   Check out Marilyn Monroe closely...by today's beauty standards 
she is bit chubby and flabby.  Wolfe lived his prime years of life while 
this transition in standards occurred.  Perhaps it made an impact.


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