(urth) shapeshifting Hethor

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Sun May 28 13:02:07 PDT 2006

mourning glory writes:

>Except that the slug almost certainly perishes in the burning hut of the 
>village of the sorcerors during the duel of magic.

We know the notules got sealed in a bottle. We know the salamander crashed 
down a cliff. The text says nothing about the fate of the slug. Does your 
assumption rest on the fact that the other monsters seem vanquished? Or 
because Mother Pyrexia didn't like fire?  Or just because there was a fire 
and it seems like a good way for a slug to die?

>More likely both disappearances result because neither beast is Hethor

Mg you don't say what you base your likelihood and almost certainties on, 
though I think my post on building a mental mosaic applies.  Shapeshifting 
does not fit the picture you have built of Urth and so you discard it 
whenever you see it.  That's fine.  For you.  I used to accept the mirrors 
only view. Now I don't and that led me to add a shapeshifter view.  I used 
to think the entire citadel was a spaceship.  Now I don't and that led me to 
new insight about the Atrium of Time.

For me, your theory (which simply involves mirrors?) ignores important 
questions.   Such as how  a giant slug gets out of and into small bits of 
sailcloth.  And why Wolfe dedicated large portions of BotNS to stories and 

For some readers, BotNS is a story about a cool guy in a black cape with an 
awesome sword.   Foila's story is just a tv commercial to kill time until we 
get back to the real plot.   For others, every word, tree branch and drop of 
river water contain hidden meanings and connections to other parts of the 
story.  I think we can all agree that part of Wolfe's genius is that he can 
appeal to both sorts of readers and everything in between.

I am not satisfied with my current mental picture of Urth and I am on a 
quest to fill in a lot of missing pieces.  I am documenting that journey.   
I think my posts are best suited for those like me, still questing. If you 
already have a complete picture of Urth and how its pieces fit together then 
my posts may not be of much interest.  I still have missing pices but I'm 
catching up.


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