(urth) monsters and names

b sharp bsharporflat at hotmail.com
Fri May 26 11:50:31 PDT 2006

James makes a good correction on the saint names being for those humans of 
the Commonwealth, not all humans.

James asks:
>Isn't there something *Wolfe himself* wrote or said either in one of the 
>appendices, Castle of the Otter, or in an interview in which he discusses 
>one obvious way to extend human life indefinitely is to extend growth?

Ossipago (bonegrower) says it toward the end of Sword and that topic was 
discussed in more  depth in some of the (mine included) Baldanders posts of 
this month.

James asks:
>Until the Neighbors and the Inhumi, are there any sentient beings in the 
>entire Sun Cycle that are >positively not human or decended from humans?

Would you consider the original Jonas (and his brothers), Sidero etc. to be 
examples?  Someone recently asked how Talus brains were made and the same 
question could be asked about these mechanical men from ship Tzadkiel.  If 
their brains were programmed from scratch then I think the answer to your 
question is yes.

But if their brains were created by the process which created Mr. Million, 
scanning a human brain,  then I'd call them human descended.  Since I 
strongly suspect BotNS takes place in the 5th Head of Cerberus universe I 
think mechanical brains are human in origin.


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