(urth) Father Inire

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Thu May 25 04:37:55 PDT 2006

Roy says:

>Hrmmph. I ain't buyin' all of it, and some of it has been said before, but 
>it's easily your most >cogent post to date.

Roy you are so parsimonious! Care to elaborate on which parts of my post are 
wrong, which are old hat and which are cogent?

Roy also says:
>What about Becan on the Rudesind/Fechin angle?

At some later date I'll post on my ideas about Severian's family tree.  And 
Casdoe's family will surely play a part in that post.  As the new guy, I 
will admit it is still a work in progress.

More Roy:
>And you do know that Dorcas' husband was present when Severian was saved 
>from drowning at >the beginning of SHADOW? I never did trust that girl.
  > "An old man, a boatman from his tar-stained clothes, took Roche by the 
shoulder. "Who's that?"
  >"Used to be Master of Apprentices. He's dead."
  >"Not a woman?" The old man was holding Roche but looking at me."

Are you sure the old man is Dorcas' husband? The tar marks him as a sailor 
and the "not a woman" comment as someone familiar with undines.  These clues 
call first to my mind Maxellindis' uncle who sails up and down the Gyoll 
where the scene takes place.  Dorcas' husband has a very small boat on a 
lake but no mention of him being a sailor.  Only of him previously being a 
shopkeeper and hauling artwork and currently living in the loft of a 
friend's House.  He does mention manatees.  Now, Maxellindis' uncle is also 
unnamed, he hangs out with a young teenage girl.........Which girl don't you 
trust Roy? ;-).

Was Father Inire ever a sailor?  Probably, but not that kind, on urth's 
water.  Of course we know that water and space sailors share similar skills 
and mannerisms. That's what the cap'n said watching the Popeye on Pluto 
show.  Sindbad on Saturn? oh never mind.


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