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Wed May 24 23:59:04 PDT 2006

--- b sharp <bsharporflat at hotmail.com> wrote:

> think it suggests that Severian's accepted family
> tree needs some serious 
> restructuring.  The Dorcas -> Ouen-> Severian scheme
> always seemed too easy 
> and spoon-fed to me, given the difficulty of the
> other puzzles in this book.
  Could Severian be once again
> mistaken about who a family 
> member really is?  Again, I think Severian's family
> tree may need major 
> revamping.

Thank you for this, I agree 110 percent. My ideas and
yours about Sev's family tree aren't the same, but we
both agree the accepted version just doesn't seem to
work thematically. By the way, thanks for your
interesting posts, I don't agree with them all, but
they're definitely well thought out and argued, and
the list hasn't seen this much life in a while. I
remember when I first found this list. It was a relief
just to be able to express the thoughts bouncing
around in my head. One thing everyone on this list
seems to agree on (maybe the only thing) is that
there's something special about Wolfe's major works
that make them worth talking about. over. and. over.
and again. : )


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