(urth) is Gene Wolfe among us?

mournings glory mourningsglory at hotmail.com
Mon May 22 07:55:58 PDT 2006

>From: "b sharp" <bsharporflat at hotmail.com>

>Just so it is clear, my original post in this thread was completely
>tongue-in-cheek.  If I really thought Roy was Gene Wolfe I wouldn't out him
>in such a cavalier manner.  If there was any purpose to it, other than 
>it might be as a parable to warn against the dangers of seeking only
>positive evidence when trying to support a pet theory.

Couple points you missed, however: Gene Wolfe has both a father and a son 
named Roy, and hails originally from Tejas, as does, I believe, Mr. Lackey 
(who himself, so ignominiously outed, has yet to undot the conspiracy 'i').


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