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Sat May 20 12:23:17 PDT 2006

>>> "Disrobed, I will love it as if it were a dwarfish man.  I will
>>> draw staring
>>> eyes and a smiling mouth.  I will anoint it with sweet oils, cozen
>>> and kiss
>>> it, beg its love.... Erupting it will bathe me in semen, and I will
>>> praise
>>> and kiss the more, saying how happy it has made me and begging it
>>> not to go."
>> What I find most disturbing here is that this wouldn't result in
>> impregnation, unless the giant's semen behaved similarly to the
>> giant's blood.
>> And I dearly wish I hadn't ever realized that...
> Not exactly dinner table conversation, is it?  However, considering  
> the
> copious amount of semen that would be produced and the fact that  
> the female
> is disrobed, I think it quite likely that a sperm could, ah, find  
> it's way to
> the appropriate location to cause conception.  I'm reasonably  
> certain that
> there have been cases of pregnancy documented where no penetration  
> occurred.

I appreciate the effort, but its like that bedroom closet door in the  
first Poltergeist movie that I saw when I was way too young - nothing  
is going to make me "unimagine" this bit of horror. :)

Giant's blood is noted to be inhabited by numerous small loathesome  
creatures. I get the impression that this fauna is not OF the giant,  
but are more like parasites or symbiots of some kind. The giant's  
vital fluid is simply a microcosm of life.

But (correct me if I am misremembering), but the giants themselves  
rose from hacked-up bits of Angr herself originally, right? A bit of  
John Carpenter's visualization of The Thing going on here.

So which is it - is the blood of the Angrborn animated itself, is it  
inhabited by species of critter that are basically small organisms of  
the same flesh as the giant, similar to how the Angrborn themselves  
are remnants of Angr, or are the organisms that dwell in the blood of  
a giant some external species? Any thoughts?

In "The Legend of Xi Cygnus" from Innocents Aboard, which features a  
giant much like the Angrborn, they are described as "those small  
creatures that dwell in the blood." It seems more like these are  
parasites or symbiots - they aren't PART of the giant, they just live  
in his veins. I am not sure how much connection between this short  
and Wizard Knight I should read into it, but in the short story, I  
was left with the idea that the giant, the king, was symbolic of the  
Earth. And the dwarves were the human race, and the last line of the  
story was a rejoinder to be gentle on her old bones. (Well, the giant  
could be other things, too, that the human race has abused and  
defiled at its own peril.)

But at any rate - should the semen of a giant be similarly inhabited  
by squirming wriggling things that would be active participants in  
the consumation of a marriage between a giant and a human female, I  
wonder if they are actually OF the giant or merely creatures that  
live there in his um...

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