(urth) Abaia & co.

Daniel D Jones ddjones at riddlemaster.org
Fri May 19 15:24:22 PDT 2006

On Friday 19 May 2006 08:27, b sharp wrote:
> So we are on undine mating habits, hm..I think Robert Borski is of the
> opinion that Baldanders mated with one of them, which gave him the ability
> to breath underwater.  Severian acquired that ability also, so did he also
> mate?
> Elephant seal males (up to 10,000 lbs) mate with females (closer to 1000
> lbs) so maybe Baldanders and Juturna (yes, Diuturna) were able to do it.
> Severian, well.....creates a very awkward visual, to say the least.
> Severian does dream of undines when he first meets and sleeps with
> Baldanders. There is the suggestion that dream was originally intended for
> Baldanders but found a more enticing target.  In Eschatology and Genesis we
> find that Meschianne, Jahi and the Contessa are all competing to mate with
> Meschia (Severian) as the end of the world approaches.  Perhaps Juturna
> wants to get in on the action? What exactly DID she want from him at the
> river Cephissus? "only your love, only your love...."
> Regarding mating with Abaia, I think also in that dream, the undines
> proclaim that they are daughter-brides waiting until they have grown big
> enough to mate with him.

Perhaps the approach is something like this:

"Disrobed, I will love it as if it were a dwarfish man.  I will draw staring 
eyes and a smiling mouth.  I will anoint it with sweet oils, cozen and kiss 
it, beg its love.... Erupting it will bathe me in semen, and I will praise 
and kiss the more, saying how happy it has made me and begging it not to go."

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