(urth) Abaia & co.

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Fri May 19 05:27:11 PDT 2006

So we are on undine mating habits, hm..I think Robert Borski is of the 
opinion that Baldanders mated with one of them, which gave him the ability 
to breath underwater.  Severian acquired that ability also, so did he also 

Elephant seal males (up to 10,000 lbs) mate with females (closer to 1000 
lbs) so maybe Baldanders and Juturna (yes, Diuturna) were able to do it. 
Severian, well.....creates a very awkward visual, to say the least.

Severian does dream of undines when he first meets and sleeps with 
Baldanders. There is the suggestion that dream was originally intended for 
Baldanders but found a more enticing target.  In Eschatology and Genesis we 
find that Meschianne, Jahi and the Contessa are all competing to mate with 
Meschia (Severian) as the end of the world approaches.  Perhaps Juturna 
wants to get in on the action? What exactly DID she want from him at the 
river Cephissus? "only your love, only your love...."

Regarding mating with Abaia, I think also in that dream, the undines 
proclaim that they are daughter-brides waiting until they have grown big 
enough to mate with him.


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