(urth) Abaia & co.

Daniel D Jones ddjones at riddlemaster.org
Fri May 19 15:17:40 PDT 2006

On Friday 19 May 2006 12:02, Macronaut wrote:
> Since everyone is on the subject of Megatherians these
> days, did anyone ever solve the mystery of what the
> giant walking thing was in the Saltus mine?  Our only
> clues, as I recall, were:
> 1) it took steps (or at least flopped around loudly)
> 2) the man-apes were afraid of it (and therefore
> seemed to have some idea what it was)
> 3) Severian thinks "he now knows what it was".
> Didn't he also ask Jonas about it, who had some idea
> but wouldn't say?

I always thought it was a Talus, but I can't recall at the moment what 
convinced me of that.

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