(urth) Abaia & co.

Daniel D Jones ddjones at riddlemaster.org
Fri May 19 15:15:40 PDT 2006

On Friday 19 May 2006 11:43, mournings glory wrote:
> Re 14 vs 17, and minotaur math:
> >I guess that makes more sense: 14 is as high as the Minotaur can
> >count.  Ten fingers, two hooves, two horns.
> What? No pizzle? Guess that makes him related to Appian-the-bull in at
> least two respects, no?

Cattle have cloven hooves, too.  Ten fingers, four hoof-parts(1), two horns, 
one pizzle.  17.  Would have worked out nicely.  Too bad reality had to 

(1)  What's the word for half of a cloven hoof?  Wolfe probably knows it but I 

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