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The "clone wars" were a series of postings, some of them
quite heated, on a propounded theory that Silk was a clone
of Typhon, in itself not utterly imporobable, but then following
with a series of speculations that (for example) Auk was a
clone of ... uh, wossname, the god of darkness ... and eventually
incorporating characters from NS as possible clones of the
Goddam Family (snap, snap).

On 5/18/06, b sharp <bsharporflat at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Okay the two eldest of the current posters win the quiz, Dan'l and Roy C.
> Lackey with answers of yellow and blonde.
> Roy says:
> >"Yellowish" is the term Severian uses, by which I assume he means blond.
> >This was old hat, even before the clone wars. I do hope you're not going
> >*there*. <g>
> Roy, you are more than 7 years old, why so snippy?  Especially toward a
> stripling of only a few weeks old like me.  Perhaps it is because you
> suspect I know your secret identity ;-).
> Anyway I haven't seen any previous references to Typhon's hair in the
> archives but I'd be glad to be pointed to them.  I'd especially like to be
> directed to the "clone wars" assuming that isn't a Star Wars reference.
> I'm also aghast (not really) at Roy, Jack Lyons, Alice Turner, Kieran Mullen
> and others 7 years ago for having an in depth discussion of Gilligan's
> Island in here and not noting the spot on physical ,  personality and
> vocational resemblance of Ginger to Jolenta. Hmph!
> -bsharp
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