(urth) monsters

b sharp bsharporflat at hotmail.com
Thu May 18 17:37:08 PDT 2006

Okay the two eldest of the current posters win the quiz, Dan'l and Roy C. 
Lackey with answers of yellow and blonde.

Roy says:
>"Yellowish" is the term Severian uses, by which I assume he means blond.
>This was old hat, even before the clone wars. I do hope you're not going
>*there*. <g>

Roy, you are more than 7 years old, why so snippy?  Especially toward a 
stripling of only a few weeks old like me.  Perhaps it is because you 
suspect I know your secret identity ;-).

Anyway I haven't seen any previous references to Typhon's hair in the 
archives but I'd be glad to be pointed to them.  I'd especially like to be 
directed to the "clone wars" assuming that isn't a Star Wars reference.

I'm also aghast (not really) at Roy, Jack Lyons, Alice Turner, Kieran Mullen 
and others 7 years ago for having an in depth discussion of Gilligan's 
Island in here and not noting the spot on physical ,  personality and 
vocational resemblance of Ginger to Jolenta. Hmph!


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